Retrofit Anti-Reflective coatings

Improve your solar park performance with a power boost of up to 3%

Are you a solar park owner with older PV panels looking to squeeze more return from your investment? If your facility doesn’t already feature our acclaimed Anti-Reflective (AR) coating, we can now retrofit your modules with this technology, fast and (cost) efficiently – giving you an instant power boost of up to 3% and payback time of less than three years.

Today, our AR coating features in some 300 million PV modules (totaling 90GWp) worldwide – and counting. By covering the surface of the solar glass, this patented technology stops sunlight from being reflected away– delivering a potential 3% solar efficiency gain in the field.  

Now, we can retrofit this AR coating for older PV modules in existing solar parks – without you having to replace them. Our experienced technical team simply sprays the coating onto your solar panels at the rate of one per second (around 10,000 panels per day). And that’s it.

Proven solar power boosting technology

Our Retrofit AR coating has already been extensively piloted by several well-known industry players.

One of Europe’s largest PV park owners, Enerparc, recently unveiled the results of a two-year pilot program with the technology – and is now set to extend this even further. The Covestro Retrofit AR coating achieved a power gain of between 2-3% across some 8 different power plants in Germany and Italy.

Meanwhile, the solar asset management specialist WiseEnergy has benefited from a 2-3% power gain in the field at one of the Italian solar parks it operates. “Covestro came in and applied their AR coating very fast and efficiently on the existing solar panels,” said Diego Molina, Innovation Manager at WiseEnergy. “This was key because we need to balance the value of potential increased performance with the cost of installation.”

The bottom line: this technology can improve the performance of older solar parks today by unlocking additional value, boosting IRR – and achieving payback time within three years.

So, if you want to start getting more from your modules get in touch and let’s get to work.

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