Covestro Anti-Soiling coating for solar glass combines both anti-reflective properties and anti-soiling properties, maintaining maximum power output for longer and reducing cleaning costs. Calculate the cost benefit of Covestro Anti-Soiling coating to your solar park.

iMWh/MWp = kWh/ kWp = Wh/Wp
% / day
i Low soiling < 0.35% per day: Algeria, Chile 2, Southern California 4, Central California 4, Northern California 2, Oregon, Las Vegas, Arizona 4, Tehran, Iran, Hongkong, India (Triura), Saudi Arabia 3 (Riyad, Arar, Dhahran), Brazil 2, Shenzhen China (Central), Murzuq, Libya, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Greece, Spain 2, Italy 2, Belgium, Cyprus, Gran Canaria, Israel, Jordan, Senegal, Qatar, Singapore

Medium soiling 0.35 - 0.8% per day: Egypt 3, Thailand 2, Bangladesh, Central California, India 2, Iraq

High soiling > 0.8% per day: Bahrain, Ethopia, Saudi Arabia 2 (Riaydh, Arar, Dhahran), Poland, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, China, Taiyuan
iTypical costs include labor, OEM costs, water, etc.,
per year*
$ per year*
$ per year*
$ per year*

Interested in our Anti-Soiling coating?

This calculator is based on various assumptions and test results done in the field and is a simplified version of a model used by our sales team.

Interested in our Anti-Soiling coating?

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